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Beauregard United Soccer Association


1. If a scheduling conflict arises, that team's Team Captain negotiate a rescheduling with the other team's Team Captain. The BUSA Adult League Scheduler must be notified of the rescheduling.

2. If a scheduling conflict arises, and no consensus on rescheduling is reached, this will result in a forfeit for the team with the scheduling conflict. If less than 5 players rostered to the team OR less than 6 players total (includes 'picked up' players) show up to play for a team this will result in a forfeit. The BUSA Adult League Scheduler must be notified of a forfeit more than 24 hours in advance. Failure to notify more than 24 hours in advance will result in a $50 fine to the Team Captain.

3. May pick up players to play if the team will be short handed. Picked up players must be registered with the league. A team may not pick up more players than the league format (i.e. in a 7v7 league, a team can only pick up enough players to reach 7 players total). You must inform the other team's Team Captain that you are picking up players.

4. Promptly report scores to the BUSA Adult League Scheduler.

5. Home team Team Captain is the time keeper. (2x25 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime).

6. Get the games started on time. Both teams must be off the field 75 minutes after the scheduled kickoff time, regardless of time left on the clock. If a game is cut short by the 75 minutes, the score at that time will be reported.

7. If a specific team consistently causes games to be delayed to the point of being cut short by the 75 minute cut-off (3 or more delays), the Team Captain will be fined $50 for each delay after the 2nd.