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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Adult League Overview

Players must be 16+ years old to register. Cost is $20/season. 
Formal teams (ideally 8v8 including a GK) on a 45x70 field.


Adult Spring Season 2024 TBD

-     In-person registration on Sundays at the field

-     Games are Sunday evenings at the D Street BUSA Complex
-     Informal Pickup Sessions: TBD  at 5pm (all teams/players welcome)
-     Regular season: TBD
-     End of season tournament: TBA

Additional rules:

-     Gentlemen rules- No slide tackles or rough challenges
-     No offsides
-     Ladies' goals are worth 2 points (excluding penalty kicks)

-     No Goalkeeper punts

-     8 yard opponent standoff on all restarts (no one has to ask or walk off yards)

-     Free substitution during play or restarts

-     2 x 25 min halves with 10 min halftime (intermediate water breaks can be agreed upon by captains before match)
-     Rosters: Player rosters will be final before the first match. Maximum of 12 players on each team. The only replacement or additional players that will be allowed will be for injury or other serious reason. Any additional player must be approved by BUSA no later than the Saturday before games- no game day replacements will be allowed.
-     Guest players: If a team is short rostered players they may borrow 1 guest player (from another adult team) for the match without being            penalized. If a team has 8 assigned players present they cannot acquire a guest player.  Teams must have at least 6 total players to play a formal league match. If 6 players are not present within 10 minutes after published match start time the game will be considered a forfeit. Once a forfeit is claimed, ad hoc teams can be formed to play a scrimmage match in lieu of the scheduled match. Forfeits will be recorded as a 3-0 result. If a match score becomes excessive (goal spread of 5+) the losing team may opt to officially forfeit and use unlimited guest players to finish the match.
-     Schedules/reschedules: Game schedules will be sent to team captains 1 week before being published. It is the captains’ responsibility to scrutinize the schedule for conflicts and work with BUSA scheduler to resolve. All games will be played in the Sunday afternoon time window- no weeknight or Saturday games.

-     No alcohol at any time at the BUSA fields

-     Players can register as a team, with a friend to be teamed with, or as an individual.

-     Any fighting or retaliation off the field is immediate dismissal from league. Re-entry into league can only be granted by BUSA Board of Directors. 


Please send an email to [email protected] or text Michaelann at 337-544-0274 for more information on our Adult League Program.