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Beauregard United Soccer Association

Summer Training Setup

Summer Training Players and Parents,

The intent of BUSA Academy is to provide a fun, informal opportunity for interested soccer players to improve their skills. The format will be similar to the BUSA U15/U18 division where players will attend as often as they can but there is no formal team commitment like a regular league or travel team. Although fun and informal, this training is more intense than what players typically experience during recreational soccer. The players will be divided by general age groups and have 30-45 minutes of formal instruction and training followed by playing numerous small sided scrimmage games for 30-45 minutes. The formal training is provided by High School and select team coaches. New/less experienced BUSA rec coaches are welcome to attend the formal trainings to get ideas for future practice plans.

The age range for the Academy is generally 7 through 17; birth years 2011 through 2000. Parents of players outside the aforementioned birth year range (older or younger) may request an exception from the BUSA board of directors for their child, if desired. Players will be broken into 3 age groups (roughly 2-3 year cohorts) at the beginning of each training session. Higher or lower skilled players may be placed with older or younger groups based on the discretion of the coaches; safety concerns are prioritized higher than skill levels. There are 40 available openings for each age group as follows: GRP 1 (7-9 yr olds), GRP 2 (10-12 yr olds), GRP 3 (13 and older). 

Players will wear pinnie vests for their games (BUSA will provide the pinnies). They will need to wear approved shin pads and bring a ball and water/sports drink.

Cost is $40 for the program; summer soocer begins the week after school is out and ends the week before 4th of July.


If you have any questions or willing to help with this group please feel free to call/text at 337-378-9375 or shoot us an email at [email protected].